July 26, 2017

You’re Doing Projects Right, But Are You Doing the Right Projects to Start?

PM World Journal recently published an article penned by our president Mark Upson, with words of wisdom on Doing the Right Projects vs. Doing Projects Right. In his piece, Mark explores the challenges businesses face in aligning strategy (doing the right projects) with execution (doing the projects right). He also gives hope to this ever-evolving holy grail of perfection, which he refers to as “living, breathing thing that can’t be mastered,” but does state that it can be managed with the right tools and technologies, such as Changepoint’s Business Execution Management ™ Platform (BEM) in place.

The combination of enterprise portfolio management (EPM) and project portfolio management (PPM)—the alignment of strategy and execution—is what we at Changepoint call BEM. It’s the only solution on the market that combines industry-leading PPM, a system that helps you do projects right, with EPM, a system that helps you choose the right projects in the first place. Our BEM platform unites your strategy and execution for better business outcomes, helping you to negotiate and manage change. We’ve faced these challenges firsthand, having gone through major transformations as a company in the last two years, including the acquisition of both Daptiv and barometerIT, so we know how challenging it can be to keep up business-as-usual while also maintaining current projects, initiating new ones, and planning the road ahead.

BEM is the answer you’re looking for if you’d like to translate your corporate values into strategic, actionable plans, with the agility to respond to change. And who doesn’t? Because there’s always change. It’s the one constant. You can read Mark’s full PM World Journal article here. We also invite you to share any questions you have about the struggles you’ve faced in connecting strategy to execution with us on Twitter.

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