July 28, 2017

Your Feedback Is Important to Us

I was leaving a local restaurant when I noticed a rusted metal box partially hidden behind a large potted plant. A layer of dust coated the lid, and someone had added a splash of graffiti to the label on the front, obscuring the instructions: “Insert comment card here.” Below, in a font almost too small to read, were the words, “Your feedback is important to us.”

Somehow, that comment box didn’t seem very welcoming. In fact, I doubt the restaurant wanted any feedback at all. However, for the Changepoint organization, things are a little different. We want to hear our customer’s ideas and opinions and provide several channels for that communication, including the Changepoint User Group (CPUG).  Yes, the CPUG is first and foremost a venue for Changepoint users to interact with and learn from each other. However, the group also provides several ways for customers to share their thoughts with us.

Our CPUG Advisory Board, consisting of users from various industries and countries around the world, meets regularly to providing a cohesive voice for the Changepoint user community. The Board enjoys opportunities to engage with Product Management, helps shape new policies and practices that benefit our entire customer base, and ensures we consistently provide webcasts, website content and live events that provide value to Changepoint users.

CPUG members also have many opportunities to have their voices heard. The user community’s online discussion forums allow members to communicate both Changepoint successes and challenges.  Webcasts and presentations at user group conferences allow participants to gain insight into product direction and provide on-the-spot feedback. Online surveys distributed to CPUG members provide yet another venue for comments and opinions that help shape our offerings. In short, our customers have a lot to say, and through the user community, we ensure they have a place to say it.

I’m tempted to revisit that restaurant and slip a few notes into the comment box, just to see what happens. In the meantime, however, I know at least one place where customer feedback really is important: Changepoint.

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