June 26, 2017

Uncovering the Secrets of Innovation

Booz & Company’s annual study of the world’s biggest R&D spenders, entitled “The Global Innovation 1000 – How the Top Innovators Keep Winning” is an interesting read. It explores the variety of strategies employed for sustained and successful innovation.  Some are ‘need seekers’ – companies who engage current and potential customers in discovering and shaping new product offerings.  Others are ‘market readers,’ watching competitors and the market carefully to make incremental improvements and change.  The final type of innovator is the ‘technology driver.’ These are companies who seek to solve the unarticulated needs of customers through the use of technology (frequently something like a product lifecycle management tool).  Looking at our Changepoint solution through a new product development (NPD) lens, what is particularly exciting for me is to explore the connection between all of the disciplines found within these strategies and the project and portfolio management capabilities offered within Changepoint, such as resource management, customer, partner engagement & feedback loops, project planning and risk/return and financial investment assessment.  New product development is an area we actively support with our solution. It’s a key area in the markets we serve, and one we’ll be talking about more frequently in the future.

So tell me, what kind of an innovator is your company?

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