July 28, 2017

Finding the Real Problems before Jumping on the Training Bandwagon – Part 2

As discussed yesterday, in technology-based change many companies identify additional training as the answer to spur adoption but often miss the real underlying problem. In today’s blog we’ll discuss two potential root causes for lack of adoption as well as solutions. First—sponsorship. Is the functional executive regularly demonstrating support of the well-informed use of the [...]

To Train or Not to Train Is the Question – Part 1

“We need training!” These three words are likely stated in repeated glory as much as any often-used phrase in business cultures. I’ve heard it proclaimed from individuals including administrative assistants, functional subject matter experts, HR generalists, managers and executives—even training professionals! In fact, when I hear those words I’m reminded of one of my least-liked graduate [...]

Save the Date – 2012 Global Changepoint User Group Event

Make sure to put a “hold” in your calendar for the dates October 23rd to 25th for our annual Changepoint User Group (CPUG) event.  This year CPUG is returning to Orlando, where Changepoint customers from all around the world will gather to exchange best practices, pick up helpful tips, and learn creative solutions.  The Changepoint [...]