June 23, 2017

Changepoint & Microsoft Silverlight – Building the Best Solution with the Right Technology

Compuware’s strategy has always been to build the best solution with the right technology. We also want to deliver a world-class user experience for our customers. To that end, We have chosen to leverage Microsoft’s Silverlight technology in parts of the Changepoint product  to provide as close to a desktop user experience as possible, allowing [...]

Announcing – Changepoint 2010 SP3 & the Resource Management Worksheet

Well the news is now out. The latest release of Changepoint has been officially announced via a press release today. The release has been available to customers since December 16th, but today marks the “official” launch to the general market. If you missed Greg Davidson’s earlier blog posts on the release, called Changepoint Service Pack [...]

Changepoint SP3 – Resource Management Capabilities that Set a New Industry Standard

The upcoming SP3 release on December 16 has been described as a “game changer” because it delivers the next generation of resource management and sets a new standard in the industry for sophisticated resource management functionality. The new interface is designed to help organizations improve their ability to view and act upon resource workloads to [...]

Next Generation Changepoint – A New Service Pack With Exciting New Resource Management Capabilities Is Coming Soon

The R&D and Product Management teams here at Changepoint are putting the finishing touches on Service Pack 3 (SP3). It will be coming to customers this month, and will include some significant enhancements in the areas of resource management, focusing on enhanced usability and flexibility, dynamic data management and improved performance. We’re really excited to [...]