June 26, 2017

Intelledox speaks about the new technology partnership that will benefit Changepoint users

Intelledox for Changepoint

[Guest post] The best project managers ensure that there are no bottlenecks caused by the amount of paperwork that inevitably gets generated. Keep your focus on successful project delivery through smart document automation. One of the key challenges of most organizations is the ability to access and re-use information that is being or has been [...]

Compuware Partners with Intelledox to bring dynamic document generation and smart e-forms to Changepoint

Intelledox logo

Today we announced a new partnership with Intelledox, an Australian software company that specializes in easing the burden of complex organizational processes.  Intelledox’s dynamic document generation and smart e-forms – is now seamlessly integrated into Changepoint.  Changepoint customers are now able to generate business critical documentation – such as statements of work (SOWs), contracts, proposals, [...]