July 26, 2017

Macro trend: Microservices


Tech disruptors, such as Uber and Amazon, have placed huge pressure on businesses to innovate at an ever faster pace. To do so, organizations have had to rethink their traditional approach to development, leading many to embrace ‘microservices’ – an approach to application development in which a large application is built as a suite of [...]

Keeping project resourcing on track: How to avoid derailment


It takes a lot to pull off a number of projects simultaneously: the right resources, a great plan, and most importantly a team with the right expertise. Some variables can be managed with the right planning, but team members leaving midway through projects can throw a spanner in the works. Just recently, the UK’s highest [...]

eLearning: Changepoint PSA & Resource Management: Demand Items

Part 55 – Changepoint PSA Resource Management & Demand Items Changepoint PSA’s resource management functionality tracks the demand for resources from a variety of system entities. In this lesson you will learn about demand from Projected resources in Engagements Opportunities, Request demand records, Project team records, Task assignments, and resource Calendar entries. To learn more [...]

Using Favourites in Changepoint

Part 2 – Using favorites in Changepoint In Changepoint you can add favorites to the favorites menu to save time navigating to frequently visited items. The presentation below demonstrates how to use favorites. Read the “Advantages of E-Learning” article. Read more on Changepoint e-Learning. According to trainingworld.com, e-Learning can enhance information retention 25-60% over traditional [...]

Using the Drag and Drop Method in the Changepoint Resource Management Worksheet

Part 1 – Using the drag and drop method in the Changepoint resource management worksheet In the resource management worksheet you can use the drag and drop method to reassign demand for task assignments. This provides a fast, easy method for reassigning effort for demand item rows in either fiscal or daily period cells. You [...]

Compuware Changepoint SVP and GM Lori Ellsworth Speaks Out On Spreadsheet Madness in UK’s CRN

Take less heat in spreadsheet hell

Spreadsheets are marvelous, powerful things. They can manage everything from a complex corporate financial budget to your annual holiday greeting card mailing list.  But when does an organization have too much of a good thing?  In this by-lined article entitled “Take less heat in spreadsheet hell,” in the UK’s CRN, Compuware Changepoint SVP and GM [...]

Changepoint & Microsoft Silverlight – Building the Best Solution with the Right Technology

Compuware’s strategy has always been to build the best solution with the right technology. We also want to deliver a world-class user experience for our customers. To that end, We have chosen to leverage Microsoft’s Silverlight technology in parts of the Changepoint product  to provide as close to a desktop user experience as possible, allowing [...]

See Us at Microsoft Convergence 2012

Changepoint’s North American team is heading to Houston, Texas, where they will be exhibiting at Microsoft Convergence 2012, taking place March 18-21.  We will be showcasing Changepoint’s use of Microsoft’s Silverlight technology, which has allows us to improve the scalability and performance of key features of our solution such as our Project Worksheet and our [...]

Brazilian Technology Company Grupo PC Sistemas Chooses Changepoint

Brazil is one of the fastest growing markets for information technology. The country spent $165.7 billion in information and communications technology, with $85.1 billion spent on software and services. To that end, we’re very excited to welcome Grupo PC Sistemas into the Changepoint professional services customer family.  The company is a leading Brazilian business management [...]

Changepoint SP3 – Resource Management Capabilities that Set a New Industry Standard

The upcoming SP3 release on December 16 has been described as a “game changer” because it delivers the next generation of resource management and sets a new standard in the industry for sophisticated resource management functionality. The new interface is designed to help organizations improve their ability to view and act upon resource workloads to [...]