July 28, 2017

Next Generation Changepoint – A New Service Pack With Exciting New Resource Management Capabilities Is Coming Soon

The R&D and Product Management teams here at Changepoint are putting the finishing touches on Service Pack 3 (SP3). It will be coming to customers this month, and will include some significant enhancements in the areas of resource management, focusing on enhanced usability and flexibility, dynamic data management and improved performance. We’re really excited to [...]

Changepoint for Technology Companies

Technology companies walk such a fine balance. On one hand, they are under constant pressure to increase revenues, make a profit and keep costs in check.  On the other they must sustain a relentless product development schedule that will keep them ahead of the competition, and build out a services organization that is capable of [...]

Becoming more Agile

Like many development organizations we have had our share of conversations about methodologies. An R&D organization’s objective is always to produce the very best quality products on time and on budget, and as an organization, the Changepoint development team has traditionally performed very well and met these objectives.  However, there’s always room for improvement and [...]

Great Teams Make for Great Products

Chalk it up to a wave of nostalgia and sentiment I’m experiencing as I begin my 12th year with the Changepoint organization, but I have been thinking of late about the terrific team I have the privilege and honor to lead. Quite a long time ago now, when I was first embarking on my career, [...]