June 26, 2017

Keeping project resourcing on track: How to avoid derailment


It takes a lot to pull off a number of projects simultaneously: the right resources, a great plan, and most importantly a team with the right expertise. Some variables can be managed with the right planning, but team members leaving midway through projects can throw a spanner in the works. Just recently, the UK’s highest [...]

5 steps to improved task management

This article isn’t going to focus on any one task management solution. What works best for you, your project, your project customer, your project team and your overall collaboration and reporting needs is for you to figure out and decide. But what I can and will discuss here is my own thoughts on five key [...]

How to tell if you’re in the market for a new PSA solution


Business moves at the speed of light, it seems. And, if business is good, customer demands keep pouring in. That’s great! But not if you’re professional services organization (PSO) isn’t equipped to manage the demand. More often than not, being able to do a great job and fulfill engagements comes down to the tools we [...]

Professional services: The light at the end of the tunnel


Since the economic crisis in 2008, professional services has been in state of recovery—with some years not looking so great. Even up until 2013, many industries were still recovering and PS wasn’t an exception. Growth rate for professional services organizations (PSOs) were flat-lining at a meager 5%. It looks like that is turning around. According [...]

The state of professional services: Where do you stand?


Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) and Changepoint recently released a joint white paper, The State of Professional Services Today, painting a pretty vivid picture of professional services (PS) in 2016. The truth is the landscape is shifting. And pretty rapidly, too. The straightforward delivery of services where Client X pays for service and PSO delivers has [...]

IT and the PSO – Cost Center or Source of Efficiency?


IT can be a significant cost area for a growing professional services organization (PSO). A recent research survey by IDG indicates the average 100 person services organization can spend upward of $1.5 million on IT services, technologies and staffing. But just as IT can be a big cost center, it can also lead the way [...]

Invoicing Best Practices and the Professional Services Organization


In a 2012 study of more than 180 organizations, industry research firm Aberdeen Group explored how best in class companies are improving both the internal and external facets of their financial operations. The research showed that best in class companies were: 46% more likely to have a centralized invoice management processes 38% more likely to [...]