July 28, 2017

Customer Support Desk (Part 2): Request Management


In my last blog entry, I introduced Changepoint as a strong option to automate Support Desk operations. The key decision criteria were summarized. Customers have the option to execute Changepoint on premise or SaaS. Beginning with Request Management, I will describe how these key Changepoint Support Desk elements are used by Support teams to manage [...]

Customer Support Desk


When research analysts write about Changepoint, they often describe it in terms of the leading Project Portfolio Management or Professional Services Automation system. Our customers use Changepoint to manage professional services collaboration from opportunity to invoice or in IT organizations PMOs collaborate to align project portfolios with the company’s mission. You will seldom see a [...]

Is Your CFO a Technology Evangelist?


A New Study from Oracle and Accenture Says Modern CFOs are Leading the Way in Adopting Technologies to Transform the Role of Finance  Oracle and Accenture have teamed together on a new global study that defines and benchmarks the key attributes of modern, technology-enabled finance. Entitled “Empowering Modern Finance: The CFO as a Technology Evangelist” [...]

Visibility into KPIs Key to PSO’s Success


Leading technology companies recognize the importance of their professional service organizations as a key differentiator in the marketplace as well as a notable contributor to company revenues. However, traditional service streams are constantly challenged by price and margin pressures. The key to addressing these challenges is visibility and access to timely data through a single, [...]

ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business Helps Companies Make the Strategic Shift from Products to Services

W.P. Carey School of Business

We’ve devoted several articles in this blog to the topic of services-led business transformation, looking at market leaders who have adopted this strategy, and key business drivers behind this trend.  Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business has significant expertise in the area of transforming product-focused organizations to services-led growth, providing hands-on research advice [...]

Gartner Says Service-Led Solutions Will Displace Traditional Sourcing Approaches through 2015


In a recent press release, industry analyst firm Gartner points to the instrumental role IT services firms will play in bridging legacy offerings and new services. However the firm urges IT service providers to focus on building long term value-based differentiation with a focus on delivering tangible business improvement and alleviating cost pressures. Gartner recommends [...]

Compuware Unlocks Power of Big Data for Changepoint Customers

Executive Dashboard

Today we announced a major partnership to deliver powerful out-of-the-box business analytics within Changepoint. The solution will provide our Services and IT customers with access to advanced business analytics for smarter decision-making. Customers will be able to sort and manage vast quantities of data and access this information on various devices including tablets; and then [...]

Revenue, Risk, Repeatability. CFOs Tell Us What They Need to Improve Transparency Into Revenue-Generating Projects

CFO Revenue Generation

CFOs, financial executives and comptrollers are becoming increasingly involved in the technology decision making process, and no where is this more apparent than in the professional services automation space – which has up until now been a bit of a “black box” for the finance team.  With revenue recognition rules changing, CFOs need to improve [...]

Compuware Changepoint SVP and GM Lori Ellsworth Speaks Out On Spreadsheet Madness in UK’s CRN

Take less heat in spreadsheet hell

Spreadsheets are marvelous, powerful things. They can manage everything from a complex corporate financial budget to your annual holiday greeting card mailing list.  But when does an organization have too much of a good thing?  In this by-lined article entitled “Take less heat in spreadsheet hell,” in the UK’s CRN, Compuware Changepoint SVP and GM [...]

Doing Nothing In A Recession Is Not An Option

Growing Services Revenue in a Recession - UK Seminar

“Do nothing” is not an option – that was the key message from the seminar “Growing Services Revenue in a Recession” hosted by Compuware Changepoint in the UK.  Our session featured speakers from SunGard, Dell and Changepoint. As the UK economy remains flat, Professional Services & Technology Services organisations are looking at new service offerings [...]