June 23, 2017

Project management: Getting down to the basics


Wouldn’t it be nice if we could break project management (PM) down to simple basics? Some key practices to follow that would simplify our lives as project managers and make repeatable successes a more likely concept going forward? Oh wait! I know the answer to this one. We can. It’s called project management best practices. Now, I [...]

A new mindset: What the rise of bimodal IT means for PMOs


Over the last six months, there has been a buzz building in IT circles about bimodal IT. Creeping onto the agenda of Gartner events, trade conferences and boardroom catch-ups, we’ve even started to hear the phrase on the lips of Changepoint customers. In a nutshell, bimodal IT manages two separate modes of IT delivery: one [...]

PPM 101: The why and the how of it


Every single organization relies on portfolios, programs, and projects to keep moving. Whether it’s an ongoing project or a new one, every change is measured as such … and managed as such. But portfolios, programs, and projects aren’t what provide value to an organization—value lies in how the initiatives are executed. That’s where project portfolio [...]

How Failing Fast Can Help You Succeed More Quickly

According to Bill Gates: “it’s fine to celebrate success, but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure”, and I think this is something that can apply to most areas of life. Throughout the years, everyone from Roosevelt to J.K. Rowling has had their say on the matter; the common message being that [...]

The interconnected project management of the future

We’ve all heard it before when talking about the Internet of Things (IoT), our fridges will be ordering our food before we know what we want, but the thought of this is hardly going to keep project managers awake with anticipation. Gimmicks aside, there don’t seem to be many solid working examples of how IoT [...]

The Truth about Three Big Project Management Myths

APM, the Association for Project Management, is going to be busting the big project management myths at the upcoming APM Project Management Conference on Thursday, March 19, which got us thinking about what we think the biggest myths are, and why they are not true. Here’s a run-down of the three most regular myths I [...]

3 Ways to Ensure Your New Product’s Business Value

By Tom Yang, Changepoint Sales Engineer Cha-Ching! To a Project Manager that’s the sound of your organization committing to a new product – knowing that now that the money has been spent it’s time for you to get things in place to support the investment. As with most large business purchases, but especially software, it’s [...]

The Ghost of Projects Past

January is often a time of reflection; as we begin a new year, it forces us to look at what we achieved in the previous one against what we set out to do, and create plans for the year ahead. For many, this will come with a sense of good achievements, but for others, things [...]

Introduction to Project Teams

Part 26 – Introduction to Project Teams If your organization uses resource requests at the project level, the project team section is available in the edit project dialog box. In this view you can: Define the resource requirements for the project by adding project team entries Submit resource requests for approval Track the progress of [...]

Project Management Institute’s PMO of the Year® Award – Apply Now

The Project Management Institute’s PMO of the Year Award honors a PMO that has demonstrated superior organizational project management abilities by adding value to its organization through its support of successful strategic initiatives. The award, presented at the 2014 PMO Symposium recognizes a PMO that has established a vision for value delivery and has a [...]