June 23, 2017

How to tell if you’re in the market for a new PSA solution


Business moves at the speed of light, it seems. And, if business is good, customer demands keep pouring in. That’s great! But not if you’re professional services organization (PSO) isn’t equipped to manage the demand. More often than not, being able to do a great job and fulfill engagements comes down to the tools we [...]

The state of professional services: Where do you stand?


Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) and Changepoint recently released a joint white paper, The State of Professional Services Today, painting a pretty vivid picture of professional services (PS) in 2016. The truth is the landscape is shifting. And pretty rapidly, too. The straightforward delivery of services where Client X pays for service and PSO delivers has [...]

Visibility into KPIs Key to PSO’s Success


Leading technology companies recognize the importance of their professional service organizations as a key differentiator in the marketplace as well as a notable contributor to company revenues. However, traditional service streams are constantly challenged by price and margin pressures. The key to addressing these challenges is visibility and access to timely data through a single, [...]

Going Global With Your Services Organization

As organizations grow and contemplate taking their services operation global there are a lot of factors to consider. In a recently published article in Consulting Magazine, Linda Ungaro our Worldwide Practice Director explores the topic of how services organizations take their operations global.  Whether the services organization is a pure-play consulting or embedded organization there [...]