July 26, 2017

Customer Support Desk (Part 2): Request Management


In my last blog entry, I introduced Changepoint as a strong option to automate Support Desk operations. The key decision criteria were summarized. Customers have the option to execute Changepoint on premise or SaaS. Beginning with Request Management, I will describe how these key Changepoint Support Desk elements are used by Support teams to manage [...]

Customer Support Desk


When research analysts write about Changepoint, they often describe it in terms of the leading Project Portfolio Management or Professional Services Automation system. Our customers use Changepoint to manage professional services collaboration from opportunity to invoice or in IT organizations PMOs collaborate to align project portfolios with the company’s mission. You will seldom see a [...]

Preparing Customers for a Great Customer Care Experience (Part 2)

In my last blog entry, I talked about how our customers are supported directly by our field Solution Delivery Group (SDG). This team is responsible for installing and configuring Changepoint enterprise software, training users, applying best business practices, and helping customers launch Changepoint into production. Only after the customer has been running Changepoint smoothly in [...]

Preparing Customers for a Great Customer Care Experience


Managing customer expectations may be considered one of the most critical elements of Customer Technical Support. This is why our Customer Care team takes extra steps to ensure our customers have the best possible experience when using our enterprise software product. Setting these expectations begin very early in the customer lifecycle, when the software architects [...]

This is Why You Should Respond to Customer Satisfaction Surveys


There are many reasons why we do not respond to surveys. Based on anecdotal information I have collected from people who have responded to surveys about service, I have heard: Survey responses fall on deaf ears, or no actions are taken to remediate perceived flaws. Survey fatigue. I have already responded to this survey several [...]

Seven Attributes of an Extraordinary Support Analyst (Part 2)

In my previous blog entry I highlighted four of the seven attributes of Extraordinary Support Analysts. Those are organized and disciplined; active listening; focus on one thing at a time; and feel the pain. The following completes the portfolio of attributes of an Extraordinary Support Analyst. 5.  Communicate with Clarity, Confidence and Credibility Average Support [...]

Seven Attributes of an Extraordinary Support Analyst (Part 1)

Changepoint Customer Service

For a number of years, I have had the good fortune to work with some of the finest Customer Support professionals serving the software manufacturing industry. Combining my experience of managing a global Support organization with several years of managing North American Technical Sales Support teams has offered the opportunity to observe what I have [...]

In a word, what does Customer Service mean?

Changepoint Customer Service & Client Support

I recently directed this question to our global technical support team. The question came out of the blue and was intentionally ambiguous in order to be thought provoking. It worked. The team was eager to share what Customer Service meant to them and replied with great explanations about their passion for service, and the value [...]

Great Service Matters

There’s an age-old saying that you can’t manage what you don’t measure.  Nothing can be closer to the truth as it is for Customer Support. Customers rarely call your support center to tell you everything is working well and that they are happy with your product or service. Customer support surveys are certainly a good [...]

Putting the “Wow” in Changepoint Customer Support

On a recent shopping trip, I purchased a jacket, trousers, shirts and matching ties from a local men’s wear retail shop. It was a busy Friday evening at the store, and the sales person serving me was clearly serving two other customers at the same time. Yet, despite that fact, I was made to feel [...]