July 28, 2017

In a word, what does Customer Service mean?

Changepoint Customer Service & Client Support

I recently directed this question to our global technical support team. The question came out of the blue and was intentionally ambiguous in order to be thought provoking. It worked. The team was eager to share what Customer Service meant to them and replied with great explanations about their passion for service, and the value [...]

Changepoint 2012 Now Available

We’re excited to let you know that our latest release, Changepoint 2012 is now available! This release continues our vision, realized through our established solution roadmap, to make Changepoint the most powerful, yet most intuitive PSA solution on the market today. We’re particularly excited with this 2012 release, which includes a top to bottom redesign [...]

Changepoint Technical Support and Client Management – Teamwork that Drives Continuous Value for Existing Customers

Last week I took my car in for service; a pretty standard thing for any car owner to do.  I dealt with the service manager (aka the maintenance guy) and decided to wait as it was to be a short service.  The service manager’s role was solely to service my vehicle. He was busy enough [...]