July 26, 2017

IT and the PSO – Cost Center or Source of Efficiency?


IT can be a significant cost area for a growing professional services organization (PSO). A recent research survey by IDG indicates the average 100 person services organization can spend upward of $1.5 million on IT services, technologies and staffing. But just as IT can be a big cost center, it can also lead the way [...]

Do You Need All That Data?


Ron’s blog post is a great example of how all things old are new or relevant again. Have you created a ‘data factory’ within your organization creating lots of ‘product’ with more market. Ron’s case story goes beyond the collection of data and forces you to answer the more important question – why are you [...]

Driving Services Success in a Data Driven World


While it comes as no secret to business leaders that Big Data and Business Analytics are two very hot topics, the challenge still facing most businesses is translating this ever-increasing volume of data into meaningful, actionable information. For IT and technology services organizations, the Big Data dilemma facing enterprises today presents new business opportunity and [...]

Compuware Unlocks Power of Big Data for Changepoint Customers

Executive Dashboard

Today we announced a major partnership to deliver powerful out-of-the-box business analytics within Changepoint. The solution will provide our Services and IT customers with access to advanced business analytics for smarter decision-making. Customers will be able to sort and manage vast quantities of data and access this information on various devices including tablets; and then [...]