July 26, 2017

The state of professional services: Where do you stand?

Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) and Changepoint recently released a joint white paper, The State of Professional Services Today, painting a pretty vivid picture of professional services (PS) in 2016.

state-of-ps_image_socialThe truth is the landscape is shifting. And pretty rapidly, too. The straightforward delivery of services where Client X pays for service and PSO delivers has evolved. It’s still straightforward in that there’s an exchange of goods, but macro trends like big data, cloud computing, and the evolving technology that accompanies those is sophisticating the landscape.

There’s a pull and push narrative now. PSOs are adjusting to and implementing technologies that support those macro trends—a push from executives to evolve as an organization and stay competitive. Simultaneously, customer needs are increasing as they, too, transform and there’s a pull on PSOs to deliver services faster and more efficiently.

The amalgamation—or the undercurrent—of these shifts (macro trends, push, pull) is forcing PSOs to reconsider the kind of services they offer. A couple of years ago, it was acceptable for PSOs to be what’s known as a Level 2 service provider—the scope of which included PSO delivering straightforward product / service to Client X. Today, as PSOs mature, the standard is calling for a Level 3 / Level 4 model in which PSOs are expected to deliver solutions and ongoing support post-implementation that will invariably help Client X excel and maintain their competitive edge. The orders are tall and PS is expected to deliver.

The TSIA and Changepoint joint white paper outlines in greater detail the macro trends that are influencing the change, how PSOs are adapting, and what kind of technology is already out there to help manage the learning curve.

Professional services have entered a new era. It’s exciting and it’s fast-paced and it’s important to know where your PSO stands as the evolution continues. Don’t get left in the dust.

Download the TSIA and Changepoint white paper, The State of Professional Services Today


About Greg Davidson

Greg has more than 25 years of experience in the information technology industry, encompassing software support, development, presales, professional services, and product management. In addition to his 14 years with Changepoint, he has held various leadership positions in different market verticals within the IT area including health, educational, and print and electronic media industries.

Greg joined Changepoint in 2000 in the Professional Services division to help garner a larger and growing customer base by providing best practice implementation consulting. Through the next four plus years Greg helped large global customers harness the Changepoint capabilities to help drive adoption and ensure innovation and positive return on investment to their business.

With 10+ years in Product Management, Greg is responsible and has ownership for the Changepoint product which include new and existing Customer, Marketing, and Analyst engagements. Greg’s interactions with both potential as well as existing customers are an important component in establishing, managing and executing on strategy for the overall success of Changepoint.