July 28, 2017

Road Mapping for the Future

With an enterprise software solution as flexible and as sweeping as Changepoint, it is very important that our clients revisit their solution roadmap on a regular basis.  Sometimes implementations become “frozen in time” and never evolve beyond a client’s initial implementation requirements.  In other cases, the business evolves, creating demand for new functionality to be leveraged within the solution.  Or, it may be the case that the solution itself has evolved through new features and functionality delivered through service pack and major releases.  One of the best ways to revisit your Changepoint solution roadmap is to engage our services team for a Value Check. In just a week, our team can examine your current configuration, work with you to define and/or uncover new business needs, and map the features and functionality of the solution to these emerging requirements.  For a minimal investment, the Value Check often exposes low hanging fruit for clients, allowing them to immediately realize new value from Changepoint – so it is well worth considering in your business.

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We’ve been serving corporate businesses with professional services software and IT management solutions for more than 20 years. Our flexible and powerful professional services solution enables growth, financial health and improved efficiency for our global customers. It marries professional services automation (PSA), project portfolio management (PPM) and powerful business analytics to provide total operational visibility and control over their strategic business portfolios.