June 26, 2017

This is Why You Should Respond to Customer Satisfaction Surveys

There are many reasons why we do not respond to surveys. Based on anecdotal information I have collected from people who have responded to surveys about service, I have heard:

  • opinion-poll-comicSurvey responses fall on deaf ears, or no actions are taken to remediate perceived flaws.
  • Survey fatigue. I have already responded to this survey several times in the last year and my opinion about service remains the same.
  • Surveys take too long to complete.
  • What’s in it for me?

From my own experience with Changepoint Support customer satisfaction surveys, I have found that many people who do respond really want to let me know that a particular support analyst did an excellent job of helping to solve a problem. Or, they might want to let me know they expected better service and will comment on how or why. Customers rarely respond with a neutral feeling about our service. The service was either really good, or needs some improvement.

We send a survey when a support request is closed, and never send more than one per month to an initiator. They can be completed within a minute simply by clicking a few radio buttons. Comment fields are optional. Changepoint software is the system of record used to capture all support activity including automated surveys. All responses are confidential and viewed only by me. I review them all, and respond directly to the sender with a message of thanks. However, I am careful to limit my responses to ensure my email is not viewed as spam. Our customer surveys are very important to us because they affirm we are performing as expected, or offer ideas about how to improve. Even a neutral response will tell me that improvement is needed. Every person in my support team take pride in their work and want to do an excellent job or prove they can do better when asked.

I need to know that we continue to be doing a great job, even if that service is consistent from one request to the next. And yes, if service hasn’t improved, I need to know that too.

What’s in it for me, you might say? A lot! You want your support request resolved as quickly as possible because your business leadership may be measuring your own performance for ensuring Changepoint is creating value for your company. Your responses continue to reinforce great service. It may not always be obvious, so we need you to tell us. Your survey response is like a ship’s rudder that helps to keep us on the right course.

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