June 23, 2017

Professional services: A game of hopscotch

062116_PSA_hopscotchThe cloud and subscription-based technology has really changed things for the tech industry—particularly professional services. Embedded professional services organizations (PSO) are having to reinvent how they engage with customers throughout the lifecycle.

What once was a straightforward product sell and product-attach services model is forcing PSOs to morph and mature service level offerings. According to Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) “The State of Professional Services 2016,” professional services revenue only brought in 93 to 94 % of what it did last year. And that’s only going to continue to decline if the business model doesn’t shift.

In order to mature the professional services model, PSOs have to mature what they offer. That requires a jump from Level 2 to Level 3 and Level 4 services. TSIA defines these levels as:

  • Level 1: Sells products
  • Level 2: Sells products plus classic product-attach services to implement and support those products
  • Level 3: Sells product, product-attach services, plus services designed to help customer operate and optimize the usage of technology solutions
  • Level 4: Sells business outcomes to customers that are enabled by technology capabilities1

Find out how to stay competitive and up-to-speed with today’s business in Professional Services: Hopscotching from Level 2 to Level 3 and Beyond.

Citation: 1. TSIA “The State of Professional Services 2016″


About Greg Davidson

Greg has more than 25 years of experience in the information technology industry, encompassing software support, development, presales, professional services, and product management. In addition to his 14 years with Changepoint, he has held various leadership positions in different market verticals within the IT area including health, educational, and print and electronic media industries.

Greg joined Changepoint in 2000 in the Professional Services division to help garner a larger and growing customer base by providing best practice implementation consulting. Through the next four plus years Greg helped large global customers harness the Changepoint capabilities to help drive adoption and ensure innovation and positive return on investment to their business.

With 10+ years in Product Management, Greg is responsible and has ownership for the Changepoint product which include new and existing Customer, Marketing, and Analyst engagements. Greg’s interactions with both potential as well as existing customers are an important component in establishing, managing and executing on strategy for the overall success of Changepoint.