July 28, 2017

Preparing Customers for a Great Customer Care Experience (Part 2)

tree-in-handsIn my last blog entry, I talked about how our customers are supported directly by our field Solution Delivery Group (SDG). This team is responsible for installing and configuring Changepoint enterprise software, training users, applying best business practices, and helping customers launch Changepoint into production. Only after the customer has been running Changepoint smoothly in production are they  entitled to access our Customer Technical Support Services. We want to ensure our customers will continue to be very successful using Changepoint, solidly adopt the product company wide, expand utilization by consuming additional modules and seat licenses, and willing to “pay it forward” as a reference to future customers.

We continue the next step in the customer’s journey with Changepoint through a process called “Transition to Support”. This is a consultaton meeting held between the SDG Lead, Customer Support Lead, business owners, and designated “named callers” who will be entitled to liaise with Customer Support.

The Transition process begins with an internal meeting between SDG and Support. SDG pass on valuable information about the customer such as how they plan to use Changepoint to support their business, modules deployed, growth plans, and any nuances that would be valuable information for Support. With this background info, we proceed to the consultation meeting held via conference call and visual presentation using desktop sharing.

During the Transition meeting, we welcome the customer to the Changepoint community and introduce all the Support services we provide. This includes an introduction to the global User Group Community and resources; channels to access Customer Support; where to find valuable “best practice” documents; how to execute knowledge searches; how to submit a support request; what to expect once a support request is submitted; and the escalation process. If our customer is using a SaaS solution, we also outline the processes required to get additional support for managing their test and production instances. Additionally, we explain how customers can get help with product upgrades, additional training, and business process reviews.

Since customer satisfaction is one of our principal KPIs, we review the automated customer survey process and importance of letting us know how we are doing.

Since we provide Level Two technical support, we limit the number of customer contacts entitled to access Support to three people. This works very well, even with our customers running large instances of Changepoint supporting 40,000+ users in 100+ countries. Level One support is managed by the customer. Our customers tell us they like this approach because it enables better management of user expectations, training and product adoption.

Immediately following the Transition-to-Support presentation, we enable the Named Contacts for access to the Web Client Portal and send them a “welcome” message containing all the key points discussed during our meeting. From this point, our customers are prepared to get the most from our support services.

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