June 26, 2017

Our latest release – SP2 for Changepoint 2010 is now available

We are pleased to let you know via the blog that our latest service pack release, SP2 for Changepoint 2010 has now been released, and will be generally available to customers on July 29th 2011. This release focuses primarily on what we’ll call “better usability” for project and financial based reporting. We’ve enhanced the data management with extensive improvements at the database layer, which will, in turn, improve and increase reporting velocity, especially when dealing with large amounts of project data. This streamlines a previously challenging and time-consuming reporting effort for customers – as typically we are dealing with large volumes of data. Some examples of information that can now be more easily drawn from the system include: daily hours expended on a project; planned versus actual hours by resource to the task assignment level; and weekly cumulative graphs of planned, actual, forecast and baseline information.

Specifically, SP2 included the following enhancements:

  • New and updated columns within the Financial Analysis summary, with 32 additional record types by customer, by project and, (new in this release) by task assignment data providers. These include budget, baseline, planned, forecast and actual, as well as billing (charge), recognition, cost and effort.
  • New and updated resource demand and capacity data providers, including past demand.
  • New and updated data provider column descriptions including financial analysis by project, by customer and by task assignment.
  • Updated financial analysis calculations

In addition Accelerator-built reporting templates will be made available to customers in the Fall timeframe. Customers also have the ability to leverage all data providers and build custom reports, independent of the Accelerator-based reports to be delivered. Finally, customers have the ability to build custom data providers leveraging the new data.

For more information on this release, customers can retrieve What’s new, and release bulletin information for SP2 from the Changepoint client portal. Customers with SP2 related questions specific to their implementation should contact their support analyst, client manager or SDG consultant.

About Greg Davidson

Greg has more than 25 years of experience in the information technology industry, encompassing software support, development, presales, professional services, and product management. In addition to his 14 years with Changepoint, he has held various leadership positions in different market verticals within the IT area including health, educational, and print and electronic media industries.

Greg joined Changepoint in 2000 in the Professional Services division to help garner a larger and growing customer base by providing best practice implementation consulting. Through the next four plus years Greg helped large global customers harness the Changepoint capabilities to help drive adoption and ensure innovation and positive return on investment to their business.

With 10+ years in Product Management, Greg is responsible and has ownership for the Changepoint product which include new and existing Customer, Marketing, and Analyst engagements. Greg’s interactions with both potential as well as existing customers are an important component in establishing, managing and executing on strategy for the overall success of Changepoint.