July 28, 2017

Keste Boosts Bottom Line Using Changepoint Professional Services Automation (PSA)

The business problem

keste-logo_thumbKeste, an award-winning global software solutions and advisory firm that helps companies around the world solve complex business processes and achieve demonstrative success in their industries, faced a common industry challenge—rapid growth. While this is always a welcome issue, it can often be hard to manage without the right solutions in place. Keste leadership recognized quickly that if they wanted to sustain healthy growth, their current system of manual data entry in Excel spreadsheets and an outdated time management method wouldn’t scale. They needed to find a solution that would accurately track the work of their growing personnel worldwide and at the same time provide instant line of sight into business operations and profitability. They sought an automated solution that would mitigate the inaccuracies of manual entry while providing real-time reporting across all departments of the organization, which they found in Changepoint PSA.

Keste selected Changepoint PSA for the following reasons:

  • Its robust and integrated dashboard system which provides flexible reporting options for customers, consultants, and executives while offering managers total visibility across the entire business
  • The automated and real-time project information it provides which enables project managers and executives to identify overruns and other issues as they are happening so they can make smarter decisions
  • Flexible and customizable features that enabled seamless integration with the company’s existing financial reporting system for a richer business forecast

Changepoint PSA scaled to support Keste’s exponential growth

Using Changepoint PSA, Keste was able to streamline its business processes to eliminate inefficiencies while it tripled its personnel over the past few years. One striking benefit example: the solution was able to  eliminate a double entry process, saving Keste approximately 60 working days worth of labor over the course of a year.

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