July 26, 2017

Intelledox speaks about the new technology partnership that will benefit Changepoint users

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The best project managers ensure that there are no bottlenecks caused by the amount of paperwork that inevitably gets generated. Keep your focus on successful project delivery through smart document automation.

One of the key challenges of most organizations is the ability to access and re-use information that is being or has been captured and transform it to a required output.  Intelledox Infiniti is an automation tool embedded within Changepoint that provides this capability seamlessly and with unparalleled flexibility, to drive the output automatically or with user guidance.

Intelledox for ChangepointI am extremely excited about our partnership where the dynamic document generation and smart e-forms features of Intelledox have been combined with the power of Changepoint. This is a massive opportunity for Changepoint customers to drive down operational costs, deliver increased efficiency, reduce compliance risk, and improve user experience. Examples of automation include Statements of Work, Project Status Reports, Project Closure Reviews/interviews, Client correspondence, project change requests and other project management documentation and correspondence.

Take for example a Statement of Work document, the information such as the tasks, their costing and stakeholder data is extracted with a single click retuning a complete, branded and complaint document ready for distribution and storage. Other more frequent examples include Project Status Reports.  Not only can Intelledox for Changepoint ensure a project manager captures all status updates efficiently but can also completely automate how that information flows to internal and external stakeholders, such as instantly generating a PowerPoint presentation with all the key financial metrics. Of course all data and documents captured and generated by Intelledox for Changepoint updates all entities as appropriate and automatically creates the necessary Knowledge Items.

Intelledox and Changepoint ExampleThe continuous flow of data, based upon specific business rules, between Changepoint and Intelledox ensures that documents are accurate and compliant every time.  This new Changepoint feature assists organizations to effortlessly collect, transform, publish and deliver content, boosting their compliance, productivity and communications effectiveness, and significantly improving the bottom line.

Changepoint customers are already excited about how Intelledox for Changepoint can resolve so many business inefficiencies. We anticipate a great uptake from existing and prospective Changepoint customers, and can’t wait to hear about their significant ROI and increased business prowess.

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