July 28, 2017

Fujitsu’s Technology and Service Vision for 2014 Imagines a World of Human Centric Innovation

Fujitsu-logoWe like to shine the spotlight in this blog on companies who value services and who have embarked upon a service-led value creation strategy. One of these companies is Fujitsu, that on April 4th released its “Fujitsu Technology and Services Vision for 2014,” discussing the role of information and computer technology in societal transformation. Fujitsu’s vision document introduces the concept of “Human Centric Innovation” a new approach to realizing business and social value by creating solutions and services that bring together the three dimensions of people, information and infrastructure.

This vision underpins all of the company’s corporate activities spanning research and development, product development and marketing communication. Technologies delivered by Fujitsu and touched by this vision include integration, big data, mobility, security, software-defined connected infrastructure, computing and the cloud.

Read more about Fujitsu’s vision.

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