July 28, 2017

Employee Spotlight: Changepoint Team Member, Peter Kathmann Donates His Spare Time To Supporting Children’s Education


Peter Kathmann
Pre-Sales Consultant
Compuware Changepoint

This is our first in a series of stories about the people we work with and the people we are.

We have all worked with technology for long enough to understand that it takes more than a great product to make a company successful. It’s about a community of people working towards making our customers successful. That same drive/passion isn’t isolated to the office but is reflected in the activities/actions of the Changepoint team in their personal lives.

In our Employee Spotlight Series, we will introduce you to members of the Changepoint team. Since we are a global organization, we will share stories from employees and the interesting ways in which they are applying their talents around the world. We hope that you’ll enjoy these stories and that they give you some insight into the people behind the product.

Peter Kathmann

In 2010 Peter Kathmann, Pre-Sales Consultant at Compuware Changepoint published a children’s book entitled Fabulous Faboo, in English and German. Peter’s love of language inspired him to help encourage children 6+ years to start learning a foreign language.

Peter explains it’s important to start as early as possible to encourage children’s interest in another language. By reading engaging stories, in a language that is foreign to them, they become exposed to the possibilities of learning that language. Because school curriculums and budgets are mainly focused on the standard reading writing, and arithmetic, teaching young children a second language is not a priority.

Peter developed this storybook in both English and German, it comes with an audio CD as well. Most importantly Peter says for a bi-lingual book to be read by children the storyline must grab the child’s attention and imagination – with characters that are larger than life; like being a prince or princess, becoming a knight, a nurse or a fire-fighter and or saving the world, someone or something. The more adventurous the story the more it will capture their interest and engage them in reading and learning.

book-cover-Fabulous-FabooFabulous Faboo is an adventurous story about a young boy in the 13th century who lives in Leicestershire and wants to become a knight. King John is ruling England in the absence of his brother King Richard the Lionheart. The young reader will learn that the young boy has a great mentor and is going through all the stages from being a page, to a squire, then a troubadour and finally a knight.  Faboo’s journey will lead him to be dubbed a knight on the battlefield when he reaches the age of 21. There is also a romantic element to the story when he meets his wife-to-be and the excitement when he wins his first tournament!

Contemporary English and German were used for this bi-lingual book. The story was skillfully crafted to avoid the use of complex structures and grammar like “progressive forms” to ensure easier reading for the young reader. Peter’s young readers in Germany look forward to his next book with English soon.

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