July 28, 2017

Driving Services Success in a Data Driven World

tablet-dashboard-760x428While it comes as no secret to business leaders that Big Data and Business Analytics are two very hot topics, the challenge still facing most businesses is translating this ever-increasing volume of data into meaningful, actionable information. For IT and technology services organizations, the Big Data dilemma facing enterprises today presents new business opportunity and additional revenue channels. First, services organizations have an opportunity to position themselves as thought leaders in Big Data management and business analytics. Second, services organizations can create new services offerings that help enterprises extract and derive value from the data they are gathering. And third, services organizations can “fill the expertise gap” that exists today in the world of business analytics, providing enterprises with the expertise and talent they need to leverage Big Data for business advancement.

In a special Raconteur report published in the UK’s The Times, entitled “How Services Organizations Can Drive Success in a Data-Driven World,” Changepoint Executive Vice President and General Manager Lori Ellsworth expands on the issues surrounding Big Data and Business Analytics and expands on the opportunities it is presenting to savvy technology services teams.

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