July 28, 2017

Coming Soon – Changepoint 2012

We’re very excited to announce that the next generation of Changepoint will be launched soon. Changepoint 2012, on schedule for general release at the end of July, is focused on driving widespread adoption among global technology services teams, with major new enhancements in the areas of user experience, e-learning, and support for the services lifecycle.

One of the most exciting things for me in this release is Changepoint’s completely new user interface. Users are going to love the new, modern look and feel, built with the input of customers and leading third-party user experience consultants. The goal with this new UI is to minimize and streamline clicks for the user, making it easier than ever before for you to access Changepoint’s powerful capabilities. You can check out the new interface, and explore the full capabilities of this solution for yourself by visiting this microsite dedicated to this next generation release or by clicking the image below.

Click the image above to watch a video tour of the Changepoint 2012 User Interface

In addition to the new UI, this 2012 edition of Changepoint also offers in-line help and direct connections to e-Learning systems (our own or into existing solutions), allowing users to explore and fully tap into the potential of this powerful solution.This release is an important milestone in our three-year roadmap.  The bold enhancements delivered in Changepoint 2012 demonstrate our continued vision to remain the most feature-rich and intuitive PSA solution on the market today. Many of our technology services clients are global in size and in scope.  To aid them in accelerating the deployment of Changepoint within teams scattered around the world, we have also added improved support for the services lifecycle.

Specifically, we have added new flexibility that allows users to work in increments of hours, days or full-time equivalents when planning and when recording actuals. This allows teams to track, forecast and manage projects and engagements using the units of measurement most familiar to them (or in some cases required by employment law).  At the executive level, however, we ensure that information is summarized and reported using a single, standardized unit – so there is always clarity, and no ambiguity with respect to reporting.

As you can probably determine, we’re very excited about this release. We’re extremely proud to continue to deliver on our promises, and execute on our roadmap and our vision to deliver not only the world’s most powerful PSA/PPM solution, but also the most intuitive and easy to use solution on the market.

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