June 26, 2017

Changepoint User Groups Collaborate More Than Ever

We’ve all heard the expression “Two heads are better than one”, right?  This age’s old adage is based on the premise that you will reach a better decision or come up with a better idea if you use the experience, knowledge and education of two people instead of just one.

The advantages gained by leveraging two heads become even more significant when the number increases to three, or four, or even dozens of people participating in the discussion.

This is the basic goal of a “user group”, helping each individual reach a better decision or gain greater insight or achieves a higher goal by leveraging the experience and skills of others.  Being able to pose a problem or a question to a group of related peers can be a very fast and effective way of resolving a problem or reaching an optimal solution.

The internet has made it very easy to collaborate with others, and user groups now prevail in just about every area you can imagine.  Want to know the best recipe for chocolate chip cookies?  Just post it on a site and see how many users join in to discuss the topic.  User groups now take on many different forms and names, but the concept and goal is still the same – share the knowledge!

Changepoint user group has been around  for more than 10 years.  Before the internet it was less interactive, obviously, but we tried our best to maintain a virtual community through conference calls and face to face sessions to share ideas and knowledge.

That has all changed!  We now have a very active on-line Changepoint user group site where our customers can collaborate with one another, ask questions, discuss challenges and ultimately take advantage of that “Two heads are better than one” benefit.  We use this site to solicit input for webcast topics customers are interested in and to deliver those webcasts back to the customer base.  Customers can also post “cool items” to the web site that other customers  can then take advantage of, such as reports, workflow and custom utilities.

Besides the popularity of the virtual Changepoint user group site, we still like to facilitate face to face events with our customers..  We hold national and regional user group meetings where customers can meet and collaborate with each other over topics of interest and engage with Changepoint subject matter experts.  Although they lack the immediacy of  virtual collaboration they offer the advantage of being able to put faces to names and dig deeper into specific topics.

The internet has certainly made user groups a powerful way to gain and share knowledge on virtually any topic of interest.  At Changepoint, we are leveraging the technology to help our customers help themselves.

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