July 26, 2017

Changepoint SP3 – Resource Management Capabilities that Set a New Industry Standard

The upcoming SP3 release on December 16 has been described as a “game changer” because it delivers the next generation of resource management and sets a new standard in the industry for sophisticated resource management functionality. The new interface is designed to help organizations improve their ability to view and act upon resource workloads to balance demand, ensure that resources are fully utilized, and ensure that projects are not put at risk due to over booked or unavailable resources.

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Here are just a few things you can do with the Resource Management Worksheet:

  • Review and balance current workloads for resources
  • Review future resource requirements in the context of upcoming opportunities and/or projects and proactively take action to satisfy those requirements
  • Quickly staff new projects or other types of work.

Key areas of enhancement include:

  • Improved performance and scalability through the use of Microsoft Silverlight technology
  • Greater flexibility in creating views and filters specific to each user’s needs.

More options around re-assigning demand among resources, including:

  • “Drag and drop” capability to add, change, or augment resource assignments directly in the worksheet
  • Resource dialogue to allow for reassignment and or redistribution of effort from one resource to multiple resources.

Resource search capabilities:

  • “What-if” scenarios to allow resource managers and alike to share scenarios of potential changes for approval
  • Real time visibility and updates so users can evaluate impact immediately.

This release responds to the fundamental importance of Resource Management for our customers which continues to grow year over year. Throughout our active development cycle, we tapped into feedback from focus groups, and this ongoing input was instrumental in shaping the industry leading functionality capability being delivered with SP3. Thank you to all who have contributed along the way.

Customers interested in obtaining more information about SP3 can talk to their sales representative or client manager.

About Greg Davidson

Greg has more than 25 years of experience in the information technology industry, encompassing software support, development, presales, professional services, and product management. In addition to his 14 years with Changepoint, he has held various leadership positions in different market verticals within the IT area including health, educational, and print and electronic media industries.

Greg joined Changepoint in 2000 in the Professional Services division to help garner a larger and growing customer base by providing best practice implementation consulting. Through the next four plus years Greg helped large global customers harness the Changepoint capabilities to help drive adoption and ensure innovation and positive return on investment to their business.

With 10+ years in Product Management, Greg is responsible and has ownership for the Changepoint product which include new and existing Customer, Marketing, and Analyst engagements. Greg’s interactions with both potential as well as existing customers are an important component in establishing, managing and executing on strategy for the overall success of Changepoint.