July 28, 2017

In a word, what does Customer Service mean?

Changepoint Customer Service & Client Support

I recently directed this question to our global technical support team. The question came out of the blue and was intentionally ambiguous in order to be thought provoking. It worked. The team was eager to share what Customer Service meant to them and replied with great explanations about their passion for service, and the value […]

Compuware Partners with Intelledox to bring dynamic document generation and smart e-forms to Changepoint

Intelledox logo

Today we announced a new partnership with Intelledox, an Australian software company that specializes in easing the burden of complex organizational processes.  Intelledox’s dynamic document generation and smart e-forms – is now seamlessly integrated into Changepoint.  Changepoint customers are now able to generate business critical documentation – such as statements of work (SOWs), contracts, proposals, […]

Doing Nothing In A Recession Is Not An Option

Growing Services Revenue in a Recession - UK Seminar

“Do nothing” is not an option – that was the key message from the seminar “Growing Services Revenue in a Recession” hosted by Compuware Changepoint in the UK.  Our session featured speakers from SunGard, Dell and Changepoint. As the UK economy remains flat, Professional Services & Technology Services organisations are looking at new service offerings […]

Changepoint and PSVillage Breakfasts Coming to Your City Soon

We have a very busy line-up with our partner PSVillage. Compuware Changepoint is a Platinum sponsor of the PSVillage Executive Breakfast series.  The discussion topic for the Fall 2012 series is:  Managing Supply with Demand (improving forecasts, tracking talent availability, managing supply that exceed demand, managing demand that exceed supply).  We’ll be in the Bay […]

Changepoint 2012 Now Available

We’re excited to let you know that our latest release, Changepoint 2012 is now available! This release continues our vision, realized through our established solution roadmap, to make Changepoint the most powerful, yet most intuitive PSA solution on the market today. We’re particularly excited with this 2012 release, which includes a top to bottom redesign […]

Coming Soon – Changepoint 2012

We’re very excited to announce that the next generation of Changepoint will be launched soon. Changepoint 2012, on schedule for general release at the end of July, is focused on driving widespread adoption among global technology services teams, with major new enhancements in the areas of user experience, e-learning, and support for the services lifecycle. […]

Thoughts on Gartner PPM UK 2012: Can IT Learn From Services Organisations?

Last week,  I had the pleasure of presenting at the Gartner PPM and IT Governance Summit in London, an event which attracted over 400 attendees keen to hear the latest ideas, thoughts and trends in Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) from leading Gartner Analysts, distinguished speakers in the industry and organizations involved in PPM best […]

Looking for Respect? Try PPM

As Rodney Dangerfield used to say, “it’s tough gettin’ respect these days.”  And that it certainly true for many IT organizations, who have been hit hard during the recent economic downturn – facing staff reductions, budget cuts among other belt-tightening corporate measures. The theme of respect is one that I found jumped out at me […]

Realizing the Promise of Value

The road of enterprise software is too often littered with stories of failed or abandoned implementations, disenchanted customers, and frustrated executives who never realize true return on investment. Much of this dissatisfaction stems from a customer’s inability to realize the promised value from their software purchase. The causes of unrealized value are many.  Sometimes, implementations […]

Changepoint & Microsoft Silverlight – Building the Best Solution with the Right Technology

Compuware’s strategy has always been to build the best solution with the right technology. We also want to deliver a world-class user experience for our customers. To that end, We have chosen to leverage Microsoft’s Silverlight technology in parts of the Changepoint product  to provide as close to a desktop user experience as possible, allowing […]