July 26, 2017

Professional services: A game of hopscotch


The cloud and subscription-based technology has really changed things for the tech industry—particularly professional services. Embedded professional services organizations (PSO) are having to reinvent how they engage with customers throughout the lifecycle. What once was a straightforward product sell and product-attach services model is forcing PSOs to morph and mature service level offerings. According to […]

Approaching digital transformation: The fuel for success


Digital transformation efforts continue to reshape our industry—literally and figuratively. Our customers have been eager to understand more about digital transformations; with a number of businesses planning to digitally transform this year, it is vital that these massive IT projects are managed effectively. This isn’t a process to be undertaken lightly, of course, digital transformations require […]

5 steps to improved task management

This article isn’t going to focus on any one task management solution. What works best for you, your project, your project customer, your project team and your overall collaboration and reporting needs is for you to figure out and decide. But what I can and will discuss here is my own thoughts on five key […]

How Failing Fast Can Help You Succeed More Quickly

According to Bill Gates: “it’s fine to celebrate success, but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure”, and I think this is something that can apply to most areas of life. Throughout the years, everyone from Roosevelt to J.K. Rowling has had their say on the matter; the common message being that […]

Changepoint Announces New Business Execution Management Platform

BEM Diagram

Today is an exciting day for the Changepoint team as we officially launch our new Business Execution Management™ (BEM) Platform, which allows customers to connect strategy with execution, become more agile, and improve organizational performance. We designed this platform with the understanding that technologies, industries, and organizations are ever-changing while most business processes are unable […]

Top Five Characteristics of World Champion Project Managers

The 2014 FIFA soccer World Cup was incredibly popular around the world; FIFA claimed that a record breaking 1 billion people tuned in to watch the final between Germany and Argentina. While host nation Brazil was humbled by its 7-1 semi-final defeat at the hands of Germany, it was actually off the field where many […]

The Five Things I Learned about Building a Great Team at the PSVillage Executive Breakfast

By Christa L. Stanula, Southeast US, Account Executive for Changepoint Since working at Changepoint I’ve been able to attend two PSVillage Professional Services Executive Breakfasts, most recently in Atlanta, GA. Since there are typically no more than 20 people at these invitation-only events the intimate size makes it a natural networking environment where you can […]

Analyst Community is Buzzing about Changepoint!

Report-Gartner-PPM-Market-Universe-PS-Collaboration-From-Opportunity-to-Invoice - thumbnail

Recently there have been a number of analyst reports which are highlighting Changepoint’s solution and I wanted to share some of this information with you. Last week, Gartner Inc. published its latest Magic Quadrant for Integrated IT Portfolio Analysis Applications (IIPA). Once again, Gartner has positioned Changepoint as a ‘Leader’. In fact we have been […]

Driving Services Success in a Data Driven World


While it comes as no secret to business leaders that Big Data and Business Analytics are two very hot topics, the challenge still facing most businesses is translating this ever-increasing volume of data into meaningful, actionable information. For IT and technology services organizations, the Big Data dilemma facing enterprises today presents new business opportunity and […]

When PPM embraces the World of Business Analytics

[French text follows] It serves as a useful reminder that the discipline of “Project Portfolio Management” has the sole purpose of enabling an organization to make decisions on the projects to be implemented to support the strategic objectives of an organization. It should allow you to answer the following questions: What projects should we launch? […]