July 28, 2017

Professional services: The light at the end of the tunnel


Since the economic crisis in 2008, professional services has been in state of recovery—with some years not looking so great. Even up until 2013, many industries were still recovering and PS wasn’t an exception. Growth rate for professional services organizations (PSOs) were flat-lining at a meager 5%. It looks like that is turning around. According […]

The state of professional services: Where do you stand?


Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) and Changepoint recently released a joint white paper, The State of Professional Services Today, painting a pretty vivid picture of professional services (PS) in 2016. The truth is the landscape is shifting. And pretty rapidly, too. The straightforward delivery of services where Client X pays for service and PSO delivers has […]

Project Kickoff: Ensuring Your Project Starts Off on the Right Foot


Written by: Brad Egeland When you think of project kickoff, what comes to mind first? Starting a fresh project where everything is right with the world? A new beginning with a new client who is excited and ready to work with you on the path to a successful end solution? A fresh start with zero […]

Keste Boosts Bottom Line Using Changepoint Professional Services Automation (PSA)


The business problem Keste, an award-winning global software solutions and advisory firm that helps companies around the world solve complex business processes and achieve demonstrative success in their industries, faced a common industry challenge—rapid growth. While this is always a welcome issue, it can often be hard to manage without the right solutions in place. […]

Healthier Project Resource Capacity Planning and Forecasting

Executing best practice principles is an often overlooked requirement to accurately forecast an organization’s resources on a continual basis. Whether it’s a Professional Services Firm using Professional Services Automation (PSA) or an internal IT group using a system for Project Portfolio Management (PPM) the same principles can be applied for successful Resource Capacity Planning Forecasting. When creating such a […]

The IT Outsourcing Market is On the Up, But How Can Professional Services Organizations Plan for Managed Growth?


The outsourcing research and analysis firm NelsonHall recently released a forecast around market developments and IT Outsourcing (ITO) contract data in their ITO Index. The report shows that the IT services market is finally picking up steam after years of uncertainty, with this year’s spending in IT services showing growth for the first time since […]

Changepoint Worksheets – The Power of Visibility


To operate any business with maximum efficiency and profitability, business managers need to be armed with tools that provide real-time visibility into their business data. Visibility in itself is only valuable when supported by the tools needed to react to what is revealed in your business data. Adopters of Changepoint are empowered by operating with […]

Changepoint Unleashes the Power of the Budget Today

Wow! It’s September 30th and here we are announcing the launch of Changepoint 2014. But before I take a moment to brag about our latest major product launch, I want to brag about all of the great people involved in bringing this to market. Behind the scenes our Development and Product Management teams have been […]

Changepoint 2014 Will Unleash the Power of the Budget


We’re very excited about Changepoint 2014, our next major release destined for delivery to market on September 30th. The theme of this release is “Unleashing the Power of the Budget” which means the vast majority of new enhancements are oriented around improving both the budgeting and invoicing process. When it comes to budgets today, most […]

Are You Big Enough for PPM? [Guest Post]


One of the areas that I get questioned about most is around how large an organization has to be to benefit from project portfolio management or PPM. There seems to be a belief that until organizations reach a certain size there is no need to consider the formality of a PPM structure, and certainly no […]