July 26, 2017

Changepoint Announces New Business Execution Management Platform

BEM Diagram

Today is an exciting day for the Changepoint team as we officially launch our new Business Execution Management™ (BEM) Platform, which allows customers to connect strategy with execution, become more agile, and improve organizational performance. We designed this platform with the understanding that technologies, industries, and organizations are ever-changing while most business processes are unable […]

Changepoint Welcomes Global Engineering Product & Services Leader Curtiss-Wright


We are really pleased to welcome Curtiss-Wright, a leader in global engineering product and services to the Changepoint family. If you are thinking that the “Wright” in the name is related to aviation you are “Right”! Since the earliest days of flight, Curtiss-Wright has steadfastly focused on aviation innovation and continues to produce high performance […]

Changepoint SP3 – Resource Management Capabilities that Set a New Industry Standard

The upcoming SP3 release on December 16 has been described as a “game changer” because it delivers the next generation of resource management and sets a new standard in the industry for sophisticated resource management functionality. The new interface is designed to help organizations improve their ability to view and act upon resource workloads to […]

Next Generation Changepoint – A New Service Pack With Exciting New Resource Management Capabilities Is Coming Soon

The R&D and Product Management teams here at Changepoint are putting the finishing touches on Service Pack 3 (SP3). It will be coming to customers this month, and will include some significant enhancements in the areas of resource management, focusing on enhanced usability and flexibility, dynamic data management and improved performance. We’re really excited to […]

Giving Agile that Extra Boost with the Changepoint Agile Accelerator

I mentioned in my last post that we have converted over to an Agile Methodology in our development group to allow us to become more adaptive in the way Changepoint is developed.  I believe I also mentioned that Changepoint’s project worksheet was our team’s first Agile development project.  What I neglected to mention was the […]

Becoming more Agile

Like many development organizations we have had our share of conversations about methodologies. An R&D organization’s objective is always to produce the very best quality products on time and on budget, and as an organization, the Changepoint development team has traditionally performed very well and met these objectives.  However, there’s always room for improvement and […]

Uncovering the Secrets of Innovation

Booz & Company’s annual study of the world’s biggest R&D spenders, entitled “The Global Innovation 1000 – How the Top Innovators Keep Winning” is an interesting read. It explores the variety of strategies employed for sustained and successful innovation.  Some are ‘need seekers’ – companies who engage current and potential customers in discovering and shaping […]