July 28, 2017

Understanding Vendor Specific Objectives Evidence (VSOE) and its Impact on the Services Industry

The acronym VSOE (which stands for vendor specific objectives evidence) represents 4 little letters that hold the potential to drive services, sales and financial professionals in the technology industry crazy. VSOE represents a significant change in accounting standards, and the way rules are interpreted, and for those of us in the professional services industry – […]

Great Service Matters

There’s an age-old saying that you can’t manage what you don’t measure.  Nothing can be closer to the truth as it is for Customer Support. Customers rarely call your support center to tell you everything is working well and that they are happy with your product or service. Customer support surveys are certainly a good […]

Performance Tracking in a SaaS and On-Premise World

Do you operate your Services business in a SaaS or On-Premise model?  Do you have KPI’s that you track against?  Did you know that there are different KPI’s that you should be tracking based on which delivery model you are using? Understanding how key performance indicators must change as a result of moving “to the […]

Realizing the Promise of Value

The road of enterprise software is too often littered with stories of failed or abandoned implementations, disenchanted customers, and frustrated executives who never realize true return on investment. Much of this dissatisfaction stems from a customer’s inability to realize the promised value from their software purchase. The causes of unrealized value are many.  Sometimes, implementations […]

US Non-Manufacturing Services Sector Showing Growing Level of Optimism

The Institute for Supply Management just released its February 2012 Non-Manufacturing ISM Report on Business, showing continued growth in the US services sector, and reflecting a growing level of optimism about business conditions and the overall economy from report respondents.  Information, scientific and technical services reported an increase in business activity, and while sales in […]

Three Reasons to Consider Moving to Changepoint’s SaaS Offering

As more large enterprises look to the Cloud to increase flexibility and drive down costs, SaaS solutions are becoming an increasingly popular implementation model.  Our customers are absolutely thinking along these lines, and frequently we find ourselves fielding questions about Changepoint’s SaaS solution in discussions with prospective customers, industry analysts and others in the market. […]

Technology Companies in the Age of the Cloud

How will technology companies build, price and sell products in the age of the Cloud? Don’t miss what is sure to be an exciting webinar where I will be joined by “Consumption Economics” authors J.B. Wood and Thomas Law who take a look at the changing pattern of technology purchasing.  The book promises to help […]

Changepoint Customer Novabase Realizes Financial Returns and ROI by Leaving Manual Process and Record Keeping Behind

Are outdated business processes getting in the way of your business growth? Are you dependent on manual record keeping?  Are you finding that your team is working in reactive mode?   It’s a story we hear all the time in our customer engagements.  But let me assure you there is help available. Novabase, one of Portugal’s […]