July 26, 2017


About Fouad Rwayane

Fouad Rwayane is PSA & PPM Business Consultant for EMEA. He has over 8 years’ experience with Changepoint specializing in the areas of IT Project and Portfolio Management and Professional Services. He has Managed the Compuware France PMO and has spent over 20 years managing and supporting the delivery of projects for customers.

IT Governance & Financial Management All the Buzz at Financium


I recently had the privilege of participating at Financium, the 11th annual conference of financial management executives, organized by DFCG, an online portal for financial leaders in France. During the event the Changepoint team participated in two sessions: Transforming IT Governance to boost innovation and financial performance and; Financial optimization through better management of project [...]

La gouvernance IT et la gestion financière au centre des discussions au congrès Financium

J’ai récemment participé à la 11ème édition du Congrès Annuel des Dirigeants Finance Gestion. Nous avons animé deux sessions autour de : la Gouvernance IT la nécessité d’une gestion efficace des ressources pour optimiser la performance financière des projets. Gouvernance IT Prioriser ses investissements, maîtriser les risques financiers et les coûts du Système d’Information … Comment [...]

When PPM embraces the World of Business Analytics

[French text follows] It serves as a useful reminder that the discipline of “Project Portfolio Management” has the sole purpose of enabling an organization to make decisions on the projects to be implemented to support the strategic objectives of an organization. It should allow you to answer the following questions: What projects should we launch? [...]